Watch the Best Revs And Burnout Of Mercedes C63 AMG Compilation Filmed By AdamC3046 


This Mercedes owner pissed off quite a few people with his reckless driving, but wait until you see his exit!

youve-never-seen-a-gtr-like-this-2zuqc5krbjzdhth5o0u41s.jpgdThe only apt way to describe this GT-R is to call it utterly insane. Yes, insane gets used a lot as a buzzword, but it is absolutely applicable here.Over two thousand horsepower in a car is mind boggling, and the fact that this GT-R actually still looks pretty cool is even better.



In this video we are taken to the 2015 Ride of The Century event where one motorcyclists definitely got a ride he will never forget.


During the Volkswagen Auto Group Night at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Porsche launched three new cars. The highly anticipated turbo charged 911 Carrera and Carrera S Coupe/Cabriolet were unveiled to the public. Along with these two cars, Porsche revealed a completely new car.


Flood advisory was recently issued for San Diego County with the incident unfortunately happening yesterday. The result was highways, streets and underpasses all experiencing flooding.


Mansory, one of the world’s leaders in the aftermarket application of carbon fiber, have gone and created a very special and exclusive version of the Lamborghini Huracan. This model is among the12 different ones that they released in a span of four days.