The Paris Auto Show is home field for Renault, and leave it to the French to start off with a mic drop. I thought American cars had a flair for the dramatic, but the TREZOR is a slap in the face to every other electric car. Battery powered automobiles try to be everything to everyone. We hope this concept makes it to production, because it offers no apologies. The long front end is integrated with the cockpit roof in a clam shell design.

Opening to reveal luggage space ahead of the dash, the the unique composite material is made of compressed layers of ash wood. Developed by the high performance cycle builders KEIM-cycles, it allows the interior to be strong and beautiful simultaneously. Red leather and a red tinted windshield look straight out of Total Recall, in an image that might cause Elon Musk to consider the competition. 

Two batteries are used to power a 350 hp motor at the rear wheels. A cockpit of carbon fiber is bonded to steel subframes for the front and rear suspension for a total weight of 3,500 lbs. The motor uses regenerative braking to extend the range, but the press release didn’t mention pricing or battery performance. Zero to 100 kph (62 mph) happens in less than four seconds, and it will be a stylish way to make an exit. The video alone is a work of art, so enjoy the TREZOR in action and stay with us for more coverage from Paris.