Within the Novitec Group is Novitec Torado, a division that specializes in creating upgrades for Lamborghinis, including the Aventador and now the Huracan. Revealed in photos on their Facebook page today is a new kit for the Huracan that adds power, style and functionality.


On the outside are new body pieces, such as a redesigned front fascia, fixed rear wing, carbon fiber mirror caps, side skirts and rear diffuser. Adding even more style is a set of Novitec Type NL forged alloy wheels.


As with most Novitec upgrades, the Huracan’s performance has been boosted with their new kit. As is described in a press release issued today, this comes from a software tune and a new exhaust system. The exhaust system is offered in either stainless steel or inconel, a nickel-chromium-based superalloy. Also adding to the car’s drivability is a sport suspension system offered by Novitec Torado.