The BMW M760Li xDrive V12 has been officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2016. The range topping BMW M760 Li xDrive V12 will go on sale towards the end of 2016, offering an excellent compromise between refinement and performance. We took a closer look at the display car here in Geneva.


The BMW M760Li xDrive V12 features a TwinPower Turbo, 6.6 litre, all-aluminium V12 engine. The V12 features mono-scroll turbochargers with a redesigned intercooler and additional water pump. Power is rated at 600hp and 800Nm of torque ensuring a zero to 62mph time of 3.9 seconds and a (limited) top speed of 155mph.


The exhausts meet EU6c standards despite featuring mostly straight pipes. The BMW M760Li xDrive V12 gets a combined figure of 22.4 mpg with CO2 emissions of 294g/km.