S63-AMG-500x250.jpgMercedes are expected to be unveiling their S Class convertible next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Project Manager Martin Hulder describes the car as being ‘a car for stargazers’.


Beating the rush by a few days, Hyundai has just unveiled the HCD-16 Vision G Coupe Concept ahead of its official Pebble Beach debut. Taking the company further into premium land, the Vision G Coupe Concept represents what Hyundai calls "'responsible and respectful' luxury."


Some might say diamonds are a girl’s best friend – I would say Ferraris are better. And after she gets to spend some time with her new birthday present, Kylie Jenner probably will, too.


11865296_10207682853815235_1562929496_o-620x309.jpgYou are looking at the very first Oakley Design modified Bugatti Veyron. This is the first time Oakley Design will be working on a Veyron and it sure looks tasty. The Veyron in question is a standard 16.4, however it will be upgraded to match the Super Sport numbers and performance figures.

508357.jpgThis very fortunate 18-year-old is living out every teenager's dream. Not only has he carved out a ridiculously lucrative career for himself as a world famous video game tester on YouTube, but he’s also absolutely loaded with cash to spend on crazy toys. In this video he showcases his brand new, white 50th Anniversary Edition Lamborghini Gallardo. Although he doesn’t seem to know too much about the car, he clearly appreciates the awesomeness of his purchase.


Lamborghini Huracan is almost one year old and in this one year, various tuners have got their hands on the baby bull and they have came up with their own wild creations. Tuners like Oakley Design, Mansory, DMC have been heavily involved in creating bespoke versions of the Huracan. From fitting super light weight carbon fibre body kits to tuning the engine, these tuners have tried and succeeded in increasing the appeal of the already outstanding supercar.

yht5-610x250.jpgLos Angeles is currently the talk of the supercar world. The Monterrey Car Week is almost here but even before the madness commences, LA is witnessing one of its best ever hypercar season thanks to the Arabs.