The Maserati 975 is a concept based on its heritage and defines Maserati’s approach to its future in lightweight and green sport cars. This concept hybrid hyper car for 2025 is named after Ernesto Maserati, one of the founding brothers, who passed away in 1975, to honor his memory to his 50th anniversary. Taken from 1975 and Maserati’s connection to its deep family values, the 975 has 975 horsepower, weighs 975 kilograms, and is limited to 975 units produced.

This 5-engine hybrid hyper car has a total power output of 975 horsepower and a power to weight ratio of 1:1. It is powered by a 325 horsepower front-mid inline 6 which supercharges both the dual 140 horsepower front electric motors that propel the front wheels as well as the independent dual 185 horsepower rear hub motors attached directly to each axle that propel the rear wheels.