With the Giulia, Alfa Romeo wants to rival the likes of the BMW 3-Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class, but compared to them, it comes with limited powertrain options and solely as a saloon. The engine line up will surely grow, but what about bodystyles? An estate or Sportwagon is certainly a possibility and, if it looks anywhere near as good as this rendering by A.Masera, Alfa could have a winner on its hands.

Alessandro has based his rendering around the recently-introduced Giulia Veloce and gone down the route of style and performance over space and practicality. The roofline has only been slightly lengthened and a chunkier C-pillar imagined. Additionally, there's a small spoiler at the top of the steeply raked rear window. While there's a good chance Alfa Romeo has pondered such a Giulia model, it probably isn't an immediate priority, particularly considering the firm's upcoming Stelvio SUV