A selection of cars from the upcoming 'Transformers: The Last Knight' have been filmed up close and personal on the movie's set in Detroit, Michigan. 

While the same basic formula for these two Transformers will be retained for the latest film, the cars have been modified within an inch of their lives and adorned in an array of radical new body panels and aerodynamic elements. The Camaro, for example, features a selection of matte carbon fiber parts, including its custom rear wing and side skirts. The front fascia has also been overhauled to the point where it makes the Camaro ZL1 look tame.

As for the Mustang of Barricade, it is possibly even more absurd. For starters, it features a widebody kit, a massive bull bar at the front, all-new body panels, a towering rear wing and louvres on the rear window. Also included in this clip is the sleek new Mercedes-AMG GT R of Drift. The brand new model hasn't been modified over the standard car and instead just has a custom black and red paint job.