The Bavarian brand's take on the Bentayga is comprehensive. Thanks to its own autoclaves that are used to “bake” carbon fiber molds, it was able to design a completely new wide-body kit. The Bentayga’s front fascia now features new carbon-fiber bits such as an integrated front lip, front grille with air scoops mounted on top and an ultra-lightweight hood. There are also wider fenders and side-skirts, while at the back a spoiler and a diffuser were added to reduce lift. 

The vehicle’s cabin was up next, with Mansory saying the finest materials were used in order to match the car’s superior credentials. Changes include a new aluminum pedal set, a redesigned steering wheels, individually stitched floor mats, and even re-upholstered seats. It's not all looks, though, as they also tuned the twin-turbo W12 to boast 701 PS (691 hp) and 1050 Nm (774 lb-ft) of torque, so the Bentayga now tops out at an extraordinary 311 km/h (193 mph).