New British Built Supercar – The Contera MD1

Two British motoring enthusiasts, David Halford and Michail Papastergiou, are the latest british duo to try their hand at manufacturing their own Supercar, and we gotta give it to them: Their creation entitled the ‘Contera MD1′ sure looks amazing.

Contera MD1 02

Like the McLaren F1, famous for its central driving position, this Contera MD1 shares that very same trait. With a 3.0-litre twin-turbo powertrain straight out a Lexus. Producing 300 horsepower as standard but can be tuned to a respectful 600 horsepower upon customer request.

In fact, the engine bay can accommodate a V12 if you so desire. A custom-made 100-liter fuel tank ensures a low center of gravity and even weight distribution, and in turn ensuring a car with decent driving dynamics.

Contera MD1 03

This latest piece of British engineering, come fitted with speed-sensitive steering, electric windows, rear-view camera, MP3 sound system and climate control, making the MD1 not just a great looking car, but a practical one too.

Contera MD1 04

Contera MD1 05

Contera MD1 06

Contera MD1 07

Contera MD1 08

Contera MD1 10

Contera MD1 09