The long-awaited Nissan Patrol NISMO is finally here — sort of. Revealed during a virtual Expo 2020 Dubai event, this 2021 model year super-SUV will be coming exclusively to the United Arab Emirates and paves the way for a year of celebrations that mark the 70th anniversary of the Patrol, which originally launched back in 1951.

This NISMO-tuned version is without-fail the most extreme mainstream Patrol around — the award for possibly the most extreme version would go to this privately-owned tuned Patrol that beat a Porsche 918 in a drag race in an episode of The Grand Tour. Regardless, the NISMO one seen above still packs a hefty punch, delivering 428 HP and 560 Nm of torque from its V8 engine that’s built by those who hand-built the Nissan GT-R V6 power plant.