Right on the heels of Faraday Future unveiling its first concept, another EV startup company is ready to take on the electrified market.

mclareennxj.jpgMount Panorama is well known for the Bathurst 12 Hour race that takes place every February at the Australian motorway.


This Savage Golf have a RS6 Engine V10 Bi-Turbo's Power, the owner made a great job replacing the stock engine with An RS6 Engine, just Crazy.


900 HP Audi RS6 Madness Motorsport – BRUTAL Acceleration (Video).

dswwww.jpgThis guy is riding along in a Huracan with his girly friend when they come upon a Stang that looks stock. She flexes the Lambo muscle a little and the Stang leaves her. Then she tries again and the Mustang rips past her like she's driving in first gear.


This unsuspecting blacked out C63 AMG Mercedes Benz pulls up against a 700hp STi & 500hp Heads/Cam Corvette on the streets of New Mexico and gives them one hell of a run for their money, leaving their jaws dropped, as well as ours. As we talk to the owner after the first race, he makes it apparent why this car is so damn quick.