Novitec Ferrari F12 N-Largo Hitting The Czech Streets

Recently we received an epic trailer from our friend Cossie670 regarding a video with the Novitec Ferrari F12 N-Largo, and now the full video is here. For those who have not been following Cossie670 go and check out his YouTube.



The day of the shooting Cossie670 and his team woke up around 3:30 AM to get prepared for this awesome day, even though the weather didn’t pan out. Luckily they took the N-Largo through some tunnels around Prague which gave some amazing sound footage, and later on they took the Novitec beast to some narrow roads and flew above the car with a drone which managed to film some great shots.


Anyway, after the different angles, GoPros and POVs, Cossie670 edited it all to one piece and managed to get a great video out of it. Novitec has made 15 examples of these N-Largos and three of them are for sale, including this one. The N-Largo machines have an engine upgrade of 40 extra horsepower and an extremely wide and aggressive body-kit.