The old saying that everything is bigger in Texas apparently holds true for horsepower, too. Tony Palo runs T1 Race Development in the Lone Star State, and his shop's highly tuned Nissan GT-R holds multiple records as the quickest automotive Godzilla in the US. This video from Japan's Motorhead magazine offers a closer look at him and his amazing machine. And don't worry, it's all in English.

To prove things from the beginning, the clip starts with Palo's GT-R on a dyno, where it makes 2,166 horsepower and 1,302 pound-feet of torque. He later says a different test showed the 2,276 hp – a record for GT-R's in the US. The Nissan also holds a half-mile speed record at 235.6 miles per hour. And it's not just top-end speed – the clip shows the run that made this the quickest GT-R in the quarter mile in the United States.