With all the hype around the production Koenigsegg Regera and new Bugatti Chiron, it's difficult to remember that neither are the fastest car in the world. Yet. That crown still belongs to the Regera's big brother, the One:1. Now most media outlets will claim that the Veyron Super Sport is still the fastest car in the world. They're wrong. The standard Agera R can out turn, accelerate, and brake the mighty Veyron. So what can the One:1 do? We won't know for a while, that is until some affluent gentlemen or Koenigsegg themselves have a go.

The lovely gents over at the Super Car Driver had access to a One:1 and decided it best to go for a hoon. Featuring a megawatt of power (1,341 horses) the One:1 echoes across the hills. Hearing the madness of that insane 5.0-liter V8 is pure bliss.