This spirit of competition is what the Ford GT was born into, and it shines clearly through the Liquid Blue paint. Even though the car isn’t supposed to hit the streets until 2017, the radically different design and unique story of the Ford GT’s birth offers a wealth of information about the car that will put Ford back on Ferrari’s radar.

Everything about the Ford GT’s conception was different. It was designed and built in a basement at an unknown Ford office and the whole time, only a handful of higher ups even knew the car was in the pipeline. It must have been a huge surprise for Ford engineers when such a technologically advanced car hit an auto show on their doorstep without them knowing a whisper about it.

Despite the secrecy, progress was not hindered on the car, especially because it only took this quiet group of engineers a year of development time to create the car and show its nearly production-ready concept at the Detroit Auto Show. For the auto industry, this is light speed, especially when you consider the technological details on the car.