Looking 100 years into the future to celebrate their 100 year past, BMW envisions a concept fit for the years to come. The VISION NEXT 100 concept focuses on “Sheer Driving Pleasure,” according to the car maker, with driver experience at the top of the list.

VISION NEXT 100 features an array of futuristic components, which allow the driver to be fully immersed and connected to the vehicle for an intense driving experience. Innovation permeates the vehicle, but BMW pays special attention to three factors in particular: intuitive technology called Digital Companion, aerodynamics and object alter through Alive Geometry and intense vs laid back driving experience thanks to Boost and Ease functionality.


Ergonomics and intuitive technology are all taken into account as the interior is fashioned to “create space and the right atmosphere for entertainment and relaxation according to the driver’s preference,” according to the car maker. While the car is being self-driven through Digital Companion, the driver can relax in comfort.