Despite the affinity for the CLS distinctive proportions set new accents. Unlike the GT, the art of the SLS uses, the GT4 is no transaxle design with Vollalu body. To ensure a balanced weight distribution as possible, a front mid-engine concept comes with directly flanged to the engine unit to use. The very short overhangs and the higher proportion of light metal effect compared to the CLS even more central and lower center of gravity. 


During the CLS looks like an E-Class after the visit to the plastic surgeon, the GT4 is based on Gran Turismo - flat, broad, brawny, compact, aggressive. The front end has a signal effect for all future AMG models. Instead of the typical cross strut a dozen longitudinal struts dominated the radiator grille.Internally, this detail Panamericana grill. The rear end of GT4 is longer and the side is not as strong as in the drawn GT. Although one might dispense with a wing, is also the four-door received already for image reasons an extendable baffle.