With BMW already testing the next-generation X5 hidden underneath present-day body panels and camouflage, it's certainly not too early to speculate about its design language.

The car our spy photographers caught back in January was nothing more but a test mule, which means we couldn't take away much from it in terms of looks. However, even if the overall design won't be revolutionary, there are plenty of new and exciting ways BMW could go - unless they're not willing to mess around too much with one of their most successful models.

This rendering uses a Vision Future Luxury-inspired front end, which is a clear departure from what the current model looks like, so do let us know if you'd like the new X5 to represent such a leap in terms of design. As for the rear, its reminiscent of the 7-Series with that horizontal design element, though the taillights are slightly larger - which does work seen as how this is an SUV.