The Tesla Model 3 has made its debut at a special event, although it wasn’t the final production model that was shown.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took the stage, touching on rising CO2 levels and “revealed” the Tesla Top Secret Master Plan. Musk spoke about the first, low-volume Tesla Roadster, which was a high-priced offering but showed the world that it was possible to make a “great electric car.” He then touched on the successful Model S, a mid-volume, less-high price offering that has really gone out of its way to prove how fast all-electric cars can be. And then there is the recent Model X crossover that helped expand the automaker’s portfolio.


Musk promised that the 215-mile range is the minimum figure and Tesla hopes to exceed that figure. The Model 3 will likely have different variants, with higher-end models offering further range thanks to larger batteries. Every vehicle will also come with Supercharging standard, so even those with range anxiety can rest assured that will be able to head from one Supercharger station to another before running out of range.


Musk confirmed that pricing will start from $35,000 and even with no options it is a “real good car.” Deliveries will start at the end of next year and Musk feels fairly confident that Tesla will be able to stick to that schedule, unlike the Model X.

Total number of orders in since the company started accepting pre-orders have already passed 115,000. That means unless you currently own a Model S or a Model X, you’re pretty far back in the line.