Gemballa is back in Geneva this year doing what it does best: tuning Porsches. And it hasn't brought just one, or focused on one model, either. The tuner's lineup includes custom takes on the 911, Panamera, and even the Carrera GTThe big news is what Gemballa calls the Avalanche. It's based on the latest 911 Turbo, but upgrades in the most outlandish of style.

Decked out in purple, the Gemballa Avalance wears new wide bodywork made entirely out of carbon fiber, broadening the Turbo's track by nearly two and a half inches at the front and four inches at the rear to house 21-inch wheels.

Enhanced aerodynamics come along with those beefy fenders, but the real magic can be found in the engine bay, where Gemball's technicians have extracted 820 horsepower from the 3.8-liter twin-turbo flat-six. Performance figures, however, have not yet been released.