yht5-610x250.jpgLos Angeles is currently the talk of the supercar world. The Monterrey Car Week is almost here but even before the madness commences, LA is witnessing one of its best ever hypercar season thanks to the Arabs.


DLMPhotos caught this unique MSO McLaren P1 cruising on the streets of Beverly Hills. Finished in white with blue pin stripes highlighting the key design elements, this P1 has traded the stock factory wheels for a set of custom gloss black Pur wheels. The interior is also very bespoke and according to some reports, the bright blue colour has been sourced from Bugatti.

As you can see from the video, the P1 goes past a very nicely specced Bugatti Veyron Vitesse. After spotting a fellow hypercar, the Veyron owner took a u turn and teamed up with this P1 to cause chaos. It seems making friends is easy when you have hypercars.