The Roboraceseries running alongside the Formula E Championship could either be a flop or it could spark an autonomous racing revolutionDesigner Matteo Gentile decided to envisage what an autonomous race car from Lamborghini could look like if the Roborace and Blancpain Super Trofeo championships had a futuristic love child. The result is spectacular.

Dubbed the Lamborghini Spectro, it takes inspiration from the unique Roborace cars and mixes it with traditional Italian flair, panache and automotive aggression. The final design is something we'd love to see pounding the pavement at some of the world's most exciting circuits.

Given that the car is self-driving, there's no need for a cockpit, thus the top of the vehicle can be flat and extremely aerodynamic. Other key styling elements include the open front and rear wheel arches designed to ensure the model slips through the air with minimal effort and a Le Mans prototype-inspired fin on the decklid.

Source: Carscoops