The world of beautiful and rich people is as fascinating as the popular documentary soap “Die Geissens“ – a reality show aired on television every week. Wherever money rules, it is not unusual to pick cars from the shelf since cars in this case are the perfect status symbol. Bentley Continental, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Maserati Grand Turismo or even Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG, you name it: only absolute High-End-Products of the automobile value-creation chain are permitted a space in the domestic garage. 

Stealth version à la German Special Customs!

Finishing specialists of the German Special Customs offer a completely newly developed aerodynamic assembly kit with the designation "Stealth" for the current CLS63 AMG generation. Without any impact on the sportive and elegant bodywork lines of the AMG version, they nestled all additional accessories into the outer casing like a second skin. The front looks clearly broader and much more aggressive thanks to a new bumper with an integrated LED daytime running light. The black radiator grill was fitted with the exclusive coat of arms of the German Special Customs as its emblem. A new engine hood with broad shaft ensures appropriate discharge of hot air from the housing of the 5.5 liter V8 Biturbo. The optical broadness is additionally accentuated by a set of new mud guards and new side skirts with shaft. Like the front side, the rear also looks more aggressive than in the serially produced version because the designers of German Special Customs built a completely new bumper with integrated carbon fiber diffuser and air outlets on the sides. A four-pipe sportive exhaust system made of high-grade steel with angular end-pipes was integrated in the diffuser.

A clear message: 750 HP & 1.150 Nm!


In addition to the perfectly showcased new aerodynamic components, the GSC CLS63 AMG was also given a special performance package. In the aftermath of laborious efforts, technicians were thus able to create a remarkable 750 Horse Power (proven on test platform) and a maximum torque of 1,150 Nm from the 5.5 liter engine displacement of the V8 Biturbo. In contrast to the serially produced version of the CLS63 AMG, this makes up after all, an additional performance power of 225 HP!!! To achieve this immense power boost, the technicians gave the V8 Biturbo an additional water cooler for the charge air intercooler in addition to a set of bigger turbo-chargers as well as an exhaust system, which runs backwards from the chargers. The GSC CLS63 AMG is able to achieve the classical sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds thanks to this brute power and attains a maximum speed of almost 350 km/h. To convert the power into propulsion without any major loss of traction, another set of elegant 20-inch rims was provided in addition to a KW coilover with adjustable suspensions on the front axle. The GSC rims on the front axle thus rotate in 8.5x20 inches with a 255/30R20 Continental tire and on the rear, in 10x20 inches with 295/25R20. 

Conclusion: This cannot be said to be a stealth technology. Any stealth conversion of this CLS63 AMG will be anything else but unnoticed. The CLS couldn’t be more potently designed! You might get the impression it could be a fictitious Black Series version. The brute power of 750 HP or the perfectly adapted aerodynamic components, you name it: the GSC CLS63 AMG is simply a masterstroke in every aspect!