A brand-new and extreme variant of the Ferrari F12berlinetta has just been unveiled to the world: the Ferrari F12tdf. Unlike the past F12 special editions, this one will have a higher production number that makes it much more attainable.


Why “tdf?” This car is meant to pay homage to the Tour de France Automobile, a historic race that ran between 1899 and 1986. It was a race that Ferrari dominated back in the 1950s and ’60s.


One thing Ferrari wanted to address in the F12tdf is the berlinetta’s tendency to create oversteer on a whim. This is why they are debuting their new Virtual Short Wheelbase to the world in this limited edition model. To summarize, it’s a new and innovative rear-wheel steering system that works in unison with the car’s computers to provide better steering wheel response times and the “turn-in of a competition car while increasing stability at high speed.”