Front GMG Huracan

The GMG Racing Team in California have taken an ordinary Lamborghini Huracan and turned it into this.


The team have fitted a custom sports exhaust system, increasing its power by an approximated 25 horsepower. GMG said they weren’t happy with the stock exhaust note of the Huracan and wanted a Le Mans sounding exhaust.

Huracan Spoiler

The sports exhaust system allows the exhaust note to change in all three driving modes, Strada, Sport and Corsa. The team have also increased the wheel size on the rear of the Huracan to 21 inches and added a matte black paint job.

Huracan Rear

Finally, to complete the look, GMG have added a Vorsteiner rear spoiler. The matte black finish against the red callipers make this Huracan look amazing! This Huracan now has 633 horsepower and reduced the weight by 50 lbs!

Huracan Wheels

Photos by KVK Photography