This time, Topcar kept all the exotic materials in view. Even though you still can't see the weave in all of the photos, the ones that are taken from close enough have all the visual impact you need. It's like looking at every custom-ordered McLaren P1 or Koenigsegg in one photo; only the subject matter is your favorite rear-engined Stuttgart sports car.

But wait, there's more, as what used to be a regular 911 Turbo S has been elevated in performance as well. When you press the right pedal, 650 horsepower comes pouring out of this Russian-tuned stallion.

The Porsche also boasts a custom exhaust system from Capristo and forged 5-spoke, 21-inch alloy wheels from ADV.1. The interior was also changed - new leather, new textured lines, a new shape of the steering wheel and white detailing.