Alfa Romeo's ongoing global relaunch is being headed by the Giulia, particularly the 510 PS Quadrifoglio. But what if Alfa wanted a supercar to spearhead its line up? What would such a car look like? Perhaps something like this.

Dubbed the Alfa Romeo Furia and dreamt up by Polish designer 'Breshke Design', the car has been inspired by Alfas of yesterday as well as a host of more modern vehicles in a package which combines beauty, elegance and sporting prowess in the best way possible.

The designer says that the overall shape of the Furia has been inspired by the 33 Stradale and GTV Spider. Consequently, it includes pronounced wheel arches , the Italian firm's famed triangular grille, smooth lines which flow interrupted from the front wheel arches and a pod-like glass cabin. 

The rear meanwhile harks back to the Tipo 33-2 Daytona, G1 and Cuneo 33 Stradale. Certainly one of the most eye-catching elements is the rear decklid baring similarities to the one featured on the Ferrari Sergio. Also making the rear particularly impressive are the sharp LED taillights, bold rear diffuser, hexagonal-shaped exhaust and the bright orange tow hook. The interior is perhaps even more impressive, combining brown leather with quilted stitching and some carbon fiber accents.