If you’re looking for a nice second, small car look no further. This RS3 tuned by MTM might be perfect for you! The latest Audi RS3 is a great looking vehicle, Audi has made some significant changes to car which look and sound absolutely epic. Powered by its 2.5 TFSI 5-cylinder engine, the stock RS3 produces 367 horsepower.

MTM thought that 367 horsepower isn’t enough and tweaked the engine big time, this led to 135 additional horsepower. A total of 502 horsepower is about to get released in this small rocket!


Not too long ago MTM announced that they had created a kit for this car which tuned it to 435 horsepower. Also, they told a few people that a 500+ horsepower kit was coming, well here it is. Now what’s pretty interesting, is that the famous and well-loved Audi RS6 produces 560 horsepower, so that’s only a 58 horsepower difference.


We would love to see a spin-off between a stock RS6 and this RS3-R to see what the outputs are! This little rockets blasts to the 60 miles per hour in only 3.6 seconds (!) and within 13.1 seconds it reaches 120 miles per hour.

However, all the good things don’t come cheap, this exact vehicle will cost you £74.384 (€94.396). This includes the performance upgrade of £14.917 (€18.930), a new exhaust system of £3.349 (€4.250), bigger brakes £2.598 (€3.298) and the interior and exterior modifications £11.298 (€14.338).