Apple iV concept by @emrEHusmen ® "iV (ai-vee) is my own concept design proposal for the long-awaited Apple car project. I imagined it as an electric "Van", which is a 5m long, 1+2+2 personal living space. The steering wheel and the driver's seat are placed in the centre of iV's cabin, so it has a great visibility thanks to its large glasses. With advanced lidar and camera systems, it is able to transport its passengers fully autonomously. I applied "Apple styling" to its exterior design with respecting "golden ratios" in automotive design. 26" wheels and large fenders give it a more sporty and

Side sliding doors are symmetrical and will require single molding. Side glasses' opacity can be (electro-transparent) adjusted and iV can become its user's private relaxing place. It can be charged both with a wireless "drone" charger at home or through the charge port on its front hood with a cable. iV is equipped with the latest and most advanced Apple technologies updated constantly. As a professional automotive designer and an Apple fan, I tried to design this "Apple car" futuristic, feasible and realistic. It took me 2-weeks to plan & design, 1-week to 3D polygon model on 3ds Max and 1-week to render on Keyshot." - EH®