Not unlike the BMW's M235i Racing, the RS3 LMS is the new point of entry into Audi Sport's racing lineup. It slots in below the R8 LMS the company offers to GT3 racing teams, not to mention the RS5 DTM and R18 E-tron Quattro prototype it fields through its own factory racing programs.

It's based on the new road-going sedan, but is clearly tuned for the track with more aggressive bodywork, dropped down to the tarmac and festooned with wings. Where the street model packs plenty of luxury accoutrements, the racing model's cockpit is stripped out and fitted with a single PS3 racing bucket, roll cage, safety nets, and rescue hatch.

In place of the 2.5-liter turbocharged inline-five, the racing model is powered by a competition-spec 2.0-liter turbo four rated at 330 horsepower. That's less than the road-going version's, so it's a little slower off the line. The run up to 62 miles per hour takes 4.5 seconds, and top speed peaks at just under 150 mph. But what it lacks in straight-line speed it's sure to make up for around the circuit with added grip and higher cornering speed.