For some, Audi’s nearly 550hp R8 V10 Plus simply isn’t enough.  Fortunately with what they’re calling the ‘MC8′ (not to be confused with Detroit protopunk band MC5), British tuner Potter and Rich has taken up the call, adding a supercharger and supporting modifications, raising output to just over 1000hp.  For good measure, they’ve also fitted carbon fiber bodywork from the R8 LMS, dropping about 250lbs from the car, and an extremely aggressive aerodynamics package that produces 330lbs up front and 400lbs out back at 125mph.


But even with the aero, the lightweight body panels, and striking livery, don’t mistake the Potter and Rich MC8 for a dedicated track car.  The interior is not only still complete, but has been treated to yards and yards of alcantara.  The extremely high quality and likely quite heavy Bang and Olufsen sound has been retained as well.  With that in mind, it seems the Potter and Rich fulfills the needs of the select few who lust for more power, enhanced track prowess, but aren’t quite ready to give up their creature comforts to drop a few seconds at the track.