In a time where hybrids are becoming more common, these two automakers are launching halo hypercars to help sell the technology to consumers and promise to spark a revolution of sports cars, supercars and hypercars. Who else will join the party?

Audi’s boss recently expressed interest in launching a range-topping hypercar but nothing has been confirmed. As for BMW, it hasn’t made any suggestion that it’s working on a hypercar but that hasn’t stopped Peisert Design from imagining how such a model could look.

By using the Aston Martin Valkyrie as the starting point, a number of obvious BMW design elements have been installed. They of course include the firm’s customary kidney front grille, headlights inspired by the i8, a set of BMW M wheels and rear-end touches inspired by the i8. The overall shape of the car remains largely identical to the Valkyrie albeit for the inclusion of a large carbon fiber shark fin.