Motor Trend’s Jonny Lieberman grabs the bull by the horns in the latest installment of his Youtube series, Ignition. Complete with the requisite shots of a matador and gratuitous tunnel pulls, the video can’t but satisfy.

Lieberman seems to really love this thing, going so far as to compare it to the Porsche 918. Watching the video, it’s not hard to understand why.

It’s his first launch that really impresses, though. There’s a moment, just as the tires catch, when Lieberman looks like he’s really, genuinely fighting to hang on. Forget about the numbers associated with the LP750—though they all strain credulity—that microsecond of terrifying excitement that the brain takes such pains to record is what great car moments are made of.

Watch. Drool. Curse the universe for preventing your butt from touching this seat.