Lamborghini Huracan is almost one year old and in this one year, various tuners have got their hands on the baby bull and they have came up with their own wild creations. Tuners like Oakley Design, Mansory, DMC have been heavily involved in creating bespoke versions of the Huracan. From fitting super light weight carbon fibre body kits to tuning the engine, these tuners have tried and succeeded in increasing the appeal of the already outstanding supercar.

Recently, the Torado division of Novitec which specializes in modifying Lamborghini models came up with their own kit for the Huracan. This kit includes various light weight carbon fibre parts like the splitter, rear wing and side skirts. Now there is already someone who has gone for the Novitec treatment for their Huracan.This Huracan finished in Nera Serapis is the first model in the world to be fitted with a Novitec Torado rear wing.


Along with the cosmetic changes, this Huracan is fitted with a very loud Frequency intelligent exhaust system which has been responsible for increasing the power output upto 650 PS. The blacked out wheels and red calipers contribute towards providing a stealthy look. Rumour has it, this model is going to be fitted very soon with custom ADV1 wheels. The one thing which we would like to change on this supercar would be trading in the optional transparent glass cover lid for the engine bay instead of the tacky plastic one.


Source: http://thesupercarkids.com/