This Is How The LaFerrari FXX-K Came Alive

Whether you like it or not, the Ferrari LaFerrari FXX-K is one of the fastest track focused cars to date. Producing over 1050 horsepower makes it not only one of the fastest, but also the most powerful track-killer. has uploaded a video of the story behind the LaFerrari FXX-K and simply it is mind blowing.


All this power is produced by the iconic 6.3L V12 Ferrari engine which produces 860 horsepower on its own, and by adding one KERS electric motor producing 190 horsepower, it gives the car a total of 1050 horsepower. The XX program of Ferrari is the track focused program, and it was only a matter of time before they had to bring out something new.

It has been nearly two years since the Ferraris most powerful creature came alive, the LaFerrari. In order to celebrate this success, Ferrari created this exclusive race monster. The full making of video can be found on, which will be in the middle of their article.