The World Car Awards just announced that the Audi R8 V10 Coupe is the World Performance Car of the Year. The selection is made by an independent jury of automotive journalists from around the world.

The announcement came at the New York International Auto Show, where Audi only yesterday unveiled their latest R8 iteration, the Spyder V10. In coupe trim, the R8 V10 Plus has more than 600 hp and will reach 205 mph. The 2016 model is also stiffer and stronger, making it a force on and off the track.

The World Car Awards begin their selection process well in advance of these announcements. Nominations began in the summer, and the jurors have been working with the shortlist for two months now.

The Audi RS3 was another of the Top 10 finalists, but did not make the top three. Over in the luxury category, the Audi Q7 was among the top three finalists for the World Luxury Car of the Year award.