As this illustration of the new VW Passat (2019) shows, the Volkswagen design will transform. Because VW needs and would like to redefine the basis of the diesel scandal.

If the current VW Passat yet for visible quality, reliability and predictability, to the new, technically demanding (re) generation Passat (2019) dynamic and expressive look. Economical metal trim on the front, horizontal consistently distinct elements such as radiator fins, OLED lighting strips and especially the pronounced shoulder at the new VW  Passat  (2019) to fall. 

The design of the new VW Passat (2019) is under the first time Michael Mauer, since beginning of 2016. Group-wide chief designer.Embossing the current VW Passat also also minimizing gaps, optical width emphasis and plenty of chrome symbolizing quality, the new Passat (2019) occurs flatter, wider and sleeker. Also why so dynamic because the called "Greenhouse", glazed part of the Passat-assembly fails significantly narrower than the regular Passat chassis.