We've brought along a rendering to help with the quest mentioned above. The pixel rearrangement, which comes from digital artist X-Tomi, is a bit of a forbidden pleasure. That's because its portrays the Superleggera with the Superveloce aerodynamic element the Huracan will never receive. In fact, another way to describe this digital contraption is that we're dealing with a Huracan which packs the Aventador SV's front fascia, rear wing and stunning wheels. 

As for the extra-bold intakes sitting in front of the rear wheels, these mirror the elements we've seen guessed through the psychedelic wrap of the Ring-lapping Superleggera prototypes mentioned above. Speaking of which, the fact that the pair of test cars that showed up on the infamous German track were present in their final form only comes to confirm the supercar has entered its final development stages. In fact, the Sprinting Bull we're discussing here is expected to land by next summer.

The main ingredient of the double-g badge will be a hefty diet allowing the machine to shed around 220 lbs (100 kg). As for the 5.2-liter V10 occupying the middle section of the supercar, this will see its output massaged up to 550 metric horsepower. An important part of the credit will go to a new exhaust system, one that will allow you to hear this speed special from a mile away.