The days of thinking “Prius!” when the word ‘hybrid’ is spoken are over. The days of spotting a hybrid car by its unusual and distasteful design are also, mostly, over. Well, at least it’s not a general rule-of-thumb that an ugly car on the road must be hybrid anymore. This shift in vehicular psyche is the result of automakers, such as BMW, Tesla, and Porsche, making an effort to blend their less-traditional hybrid models into the rest of their lineup. But in the case of BMW, and this Vossen Forged BMW i8 Duo, there’s no blending-in happening anywhere.


Fitted with 22×9″ and 22×10.5″ Vossen Forged wheels, the matching BMW i8s are held to the tarmac with Pirelli 245-30-22 and 285-25-22 tires, providing the grip necessary for a car with two motors—though.

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Source: Vossen Blog