Porsche's reintroduction of the 718 name could just be the first move in the re-emergence of some past icons. If reports from Motor Trend are true one of them will be amodern-day 928


The publication suggests that the second-generation Panamera, set for a debut next year, will ultimately spawn a brand new, front-engined coupe. This model could revive the 928 name, previously used by the automaker's V8-powered front-engined coupe.


Such a car could act as the perfect rival to the likes of the brand new Aston Martin DB11 in being a stylish grand tourer. If it gets the go-ahead, the new 928 will be based on a shortened version of the MSB platform from the Volkswagen Group and,to stay true to the original, we expect a (most likely turbocharged) V8 powering the rear wheels, though the architecture allows for lots of different options.