Porsche’s 911 Carrera 2 coupes switched to turbo power last year, and now the all-wheel-drive models get the same treatment. Now, with 3.0-litres augmented by a pair of turbochargers, it feels impressively rapid through the gears – but, more importantly, far gutsier when you summon some in-gear go. Zero to 62mph takes 4.7sec in a non-S Targa with the manual gearbox (4.3ec with PDK), compared to 5.2sec for the old naturally aspirated equivalent.


And for the first time since the C4 joined the 911 range over 25 years ago, the all-wheel-drive 911s are actually quicker off the line than their rear-drive siblings. A basic C2 hits 62mph in 4.6sec and 100mph in 9.8sec, while a C4 shaves a tenth off both times.