S63-AMG-500x250.jpgMercedes are expected to be unveiling their S Class convertible next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Project Manager Martin Hulder describes the car as being ‘a car for stargazers’.

The top of the range new convertible, the expected S63 Cabriolet, has been spotted whilst carrying out final tests on the vehicle. It is expected that the car will be powered by a 5.5L V8 engine, producing 577BHP. It’s not all good news however, with the added weight required to power the electric roof and to maintain the rigidity of the vehicle, the top speed and 0-60MPH times are likely to be lowered, with the current S63 AMG Coupe 0-60MPH time standing at 4.2 seconds.

The S63 model of the new convertible is rumoured to top £150,000, but worth it when you can hear the roar of that V8 in front of you!