The new LX was supposed to debut in late 2021 and then go on sale in 2022. It's not clear how long the lack of parts could delay the new model's launch according to

Pushing back the launch makes some sense because Toyota is already temporarily stopping the assembly of the new Land Cruiser because of a lack of parts sourced from Southeast Asia. The LX and Land Cruiser are closely related vehicles, so a component shortage for one also affects the other.


Creative Trend also reports a rumor that we are hearing for the first time. It says that the base trim level of the new LX might retain the current model's 5.7-liter naturally aspirated V8. The earlier stories indicate the lower grade of the SUV would share the twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 from the new Land Cruiser that makes 409 horsepower (305 kilowatts) and 479 pound-feet (650 Newton-meters).