After Paul Walker passed away in a tragic accident, a collection of over 30 of his cars were taken from a warehouse within 24 hours. The cars were taken by Richard Taylor, who worked at the warehouse. Last year, Walker’s family filed a lawsuit against Taylor with the intention of having the cars returned or monetary value equal to the value of the cars. Now, The Drive is reporting that the lawsuit has been settled.

According to The Drive, an attorney for the Walker family stated that the lawsuit was settled “amicably” with one of the conditions being that they will be “getting things back.” We can assume that these “things” are the cars being held. This seems to be the only information that is available at the moment.

If you aren’t familiar with Walker’s cars, Matt Farah (who is now with The Drive) took a tour of Paul Walker’s collection back in 2012. You can view this video below. The cars include models such as the Saleen S7, Boss 302, C1 Corvette, supercharged, Ford GT, BMW M1, Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, two Porsche GT3 RS’, BMW 2002 Touring Alpina and much more. He didn’t just act like he loved cars, he did in real life as well.

If you were a fan of Walker and would like to help carry on his name for a good cause, be sure to lend your aid to the Paul Walker Foundation. You can learn more at: