Lamborghini unveiled the LP 750-4 SuperVeloce at this years Geneva Motor Show. Only 600 units will be made and most of them have been spoken for so your chances of owning one are very slim. However, after the launch of the SuperVeloce, there were rumours of a possible SV Roadster. Few spy shots of the SV roadster mule confirmed the fact that Lamborghini will be making this supercar and now for the first time, we have the completely undisguised images of this supercar.


As seen from the photos, the SV Roadster looks production ready and will be unveiled most probably at this years Frankfurt Motor Show. The rear wing is missing on this car. We speculate it was intentionally removed to avoid the attention of car spotters however, austrian_exoticcars and felixs2706 have managed to snap this supercar outside the Lamborghini factory.


It appears that the SV roadster has borrowed the same detachable carbon roof mechanism from the LP 700-4 Roadster. The engine bay vents seem to be made out of carbon fibre instead of the transparent glass, which in future should be offered as an option to interested customers. The rear wing will make it to the final production car and apart from these changes, the Roadster should remain identical to its coupe sibling.

The SuperVeloce is powered by a 6.5 litre V12 engine which produces 740 HP and 507 lb-ft of torque. The top speed with the roof up should be around 217 MPH however, we cannot say the same when the roof has been removed and stored in the front luggage compartment. The SV Roadster will be slightly heavier than the coupe due its removable roof.

Source: TheSupercarKids