Jeremy Clarkson Offered Chance To Return To Top Gear

According to Daily Mail, the BBC has offered Jeremy Clarkson a chance to return as the lead host of Top Gear.

After the fracas with the producer, Clarkson was suspended by the BBC until further internal investigation and the show had to be eventually called of. This came in as a big blow to Top Gear fans and an online petition to reinstate Clarkson was started, which now has been signed by over a million people. The removal of Clarkson may have costed the BBC a large chunk of viewers.

Now the Daily Mail has reported that the BBC have agreed to bring back Clarkson but on one condition. He will be monitored by an executive so that there won’t be any further controversial incidences. Clarkson is set to meet up with the top officials of the BBC in the coming week and it is not clear if he is willing to accept this condition, which seems like a creative hindrance.

The BBC dealt with another blow when the other two presenters, Richard Hammond and James May, declined to work on the remaining three episodes without Clarkson.

Stay tuned as we will keep you updated on this news.