Gareth Bale’s Car Attacked After Madrid Lose To Barcelona

Real Madrid paid £80 million for Tottenham’s Gareth Bale, who was among the team who lost against Barcelona in ‘El Classico’. The forward drives a white Bentley Continental GT, which was attacked by disappointed fans after the defeat. Bale sensibly put his foot to the floor and sped away from the angry fans! Bale’s Continental GT is worth over £150,000 and has 521BHP.

The fans also attacked the car of Bale’s team mate Jese Rodriguez Jr, who tried reasoning with the fans, given he only played 10 minutes of the game. The fans did not take too kindly to this, and also started damaging his Audi R8. Sergio Ramos appears to reason with the angry fans in his Audi, and somehow manages to get away with his expensive car reasonably undamaged!

Is was found that one of the fans was a Real Madrid club member, and the club swiftly dealt with the violence toward it’s players, banning the club member for life.