Goodwood road and racing were the first to film a video review of the mighty Koenigsegg One:1. Although it was a brief video, it gave an idea of how powerful the megacar is. They had got their hands on not one but two Koenigsegg One:1’s. Finished in silver and black, it was the only time that two out of six examples were spotted together. The silver One:1 was the factory car so technically that makes it seven of these megacars in existence.

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Couple of days ago, another stunning Koenigsegg One:1 made an appearance at the Goodwood race track. Finished in a distinct shade of matte blue and black with white accents, the million pound megacar was the centre of attraction during the track day event. It is unclear where this One:1 will end up as the only example to come to U.K. belongs to the BHP Project.

Check out these photos of this carbon fibre monster.




Images via GRRC