There is absolutely no doubting that Bentley’s Continental GT has been a huge success for the brand, so when the time finally comes for a replacement, it better be good.  Our friends at CarPix send over this shots taken by of what appears to be just that- an extremely aggressive reimagining of Bentley’s current GT.


Said to resurface as something akin to the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept from last year’s Geneva Motor Show, the next GT will ride atop the MSB platform, which it will share with Volkswagen Group stablemate Porsche.  Making things just a bit more interesting, the GT will retain it’s 600hp W12 power plant as well as the ‘base’ V8, meaning that this Continental should be quite an exciting drive at the limit.  We imagine the plug-in technology will come somewhere down the line, but likely not for another year or so.

The reveal of the next generation Bentley Continental GT is still a ways off, but we’ll forward you any news as it comes across our desk.